Thursday, June 14, 2012

List of Available Modules for In House Training

Hi Guys,
Below is a list of available modules for in House Training. Most modules take approximately two hours to complete although some are better delivered in a half-day or full-day workshop.

1.        The Principles of Language Acquisition
2.       Contextualizing Language
3.       Building Language Awareness
4.      Integrating Skills

5.       Pair and Group Work
6.      Learner Feedback
7.       Classroom Management (emphasis on large classes)
8.      Learning Strategies
9.      Authentic Materials (using and adapting)
10.    Critical and Creative Thinking
11.     Alternative Assessment
12.    Individual Learner Differences
13.    Younger learners (emphasis of ages 5-10)
14.    Peer Observation (formative evaluation practices)
15.    Reflective Teaching Practices
16.    Power Teaching
17.    TPR and TPRS
18.    Suggestopedia
19.    The Communicative Approach and Language in Use
20.   Integrating Piety and Values
21.    Learning Through Video
22.   Learning Through Songs
23.   Teaching Procedures PPP to ESA and Alternative Procedures
24.   Curriculum and Syllabus Design

For the details of any of the modules such as module components please email me (my email can be found in the banner of this page).
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