Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plant Flowers

Plant Flowers

This year for Teacher Appreciation Week, plant some flowers or a tree in honor of a teacher who really influenced your life in a positive way. If you have permission from your school, you could do this on school grounds. Or you could even bring in a potted plant for your classroom, for all of your classmates to enjoy. If you finished school long ago, think about sending flowers to your local elementary or high school--even if you don't personally know all of the teachers who work there, you can let them know you appreciate the good work they are doing in your community.

Letting others know we appreciate them is one of the most thoughtful kind acts we can do. And when we include planting flowers or a tree in that act of appreciation, we are also being kind to the earth!
Step It Up:

If you have some time, get permission before hand and see if you could also hold a ceremony honoring your teacher while you plant the flowers or tree. You could collect contributions from your classmates and have a plaque or memorial stone created to accompany the space you are planting. This could even be an annual event, each year honoring a different Teacher of the Year.
Keep It Simple:

Get your classmates together and present your teacher with a small potted plant or flowers for the classroom. Often flowers are much more affordable if you purchase the flowers to plant yourself, and they last a longer! Have fun picking out a specific plant or flower that reminds you of your teacher. Include a card signed by all your classmates letting your teacher know how much you appreciate him or her.

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