Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome!

Hi guys,

Great to be here and to act on this idea I had to start this site. I wouldn't call it a blog because it's a place for you to share as much as for me!

For a while now I've had the personal moto "Change Lives!" I got onto this idea as I was teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language in Indonesia. I thought to myself "what am I doing here anyway?", "I was never hot at English at school!", "what difference am I making anyway?" then I realised that teaching English here really does change lives. Working at the schools and teachers I have has led to perhaps thousands of Indonesians being able to speak English that perhaps wouldn't have before. This is wonderful and changes lives. Then I realised that all teachers are in the "Changing Lives!" business. Not only all teachers but all people. A barber, a personal trainer a good neighbor perhaps even a janitor. We can all change lives for the better, including our own an it's one of the greatest adventures, feeling and achievements of our own lives as well.

So let's get into it guys, please share by commenting on any of my posts, I will make a facebook page of the same name; and if you have anything particular to share as a new subject just send it to me and I'll post it up under your name.

All the best in your adventure. Let's change lives together!



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