Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An easy way to integrate values into the classroom

Hi Guys,

I have an easy to apply technique for integrating values into the classroom. It's easy to understand and easy to apply.

I've adapted this from Edward De Bono's 'Six Value Medals'.

The six value medals are:

Gold Medal: Human values.
Silver Medal:Organizational Values.
Steel Medal:Quality Values.
Glass Medal: Creative Values
Wood Medal: Environmental Values.
Brass Medal: Perceptual Values.

These values can be adapted to what you want to see in your students and what you think will serve them as responsible and model citizens paving the way for a better tomorrow.

The value medal system makes it easy to order the many values that we probably what to make habitual for our students. Not only are they easy to remember but they are also easy to display. You could make 6 frames on the wall and award a value medal for each value at the end of each term. The students who are awarded the medals can have their photos in the frames for the next term, to motivate the other students to be conscious of those values and to appreciate their fellow classmates achievement.

We can also integrate the medals into our lessons as sometimes our lesson themes will match with one or more of the value medals. If any values match with our lessons we can make sure to remind the students of them and direct the activities more towards the values.

Do you have any other ideas on integrating values that you'd like to share? Just leave them in the comments section below! ^_^

Alright, that's all from me today. Have a great day and keep shining, sharing and changing lives!


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